Saturday, July 26, 2014

ICAD: Week 8 Review

This week I decided to dip into my files of collage images. Recently I started sorting magazine images like these by color. It is always fun to do monochromatic collages. The first few files are neutrals but I soon worked my way into a rainbow of colors. 

ICAD 50 - magazine images, found text, watercolor crayons

ICAD 51 - magazine images, paint chip, watercolor crayons, white gel pen

ICAD 52 - magazine images, mini photo, watercolor crayons, wax crayons

ICAD 53 - magazine images, found words, watercolor crayons

ICAD 54 - magazine images, oil pastel

ICAD 55 - magazine images, watercolor crayon, found text

ICAD 56 - magazine images, machine stitching, watercolor crayons

You can find out more about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge at Daisy Yellow. And if you are already feeling some ICAD withdrawal check out Tammy's next offering - an art journaling series. I know I am excited about some quality time in my art journal. 

Next week we wrap up July and ICAD with 5 more cards!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

ICAD: Week 7 Review

We are just about to head into week 8 of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. That kinda makes me sad. So while I gather myself together, here is a quick review of my cards for this past week. 

ICAD 43 - watercolor crayon, machine stitching, found text

ICAD 44 - acrylic paint, paper scraps, found text, PITT pen

ICAD 45 - acrylic paint, paper scraps, found text

ICAD 46 - acrylic paint, collage fodder, washi tape, found text

ICAD 47 - acrylic paint, mono print on deli paper, washi tape, colored pencil, found text

ICAD 48 - acrylic paint, wax crayon, watercolor crayon, marker, poster paint pen

ICAD 49 - acrylic paint, wax crayon, watercolor crayon, marker, poster paint pen

Saturday, July 12, 2014

ICAD: Week 6 Review

This week's cards from the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge are a mixed bag of experiments. The first of the week continued with mono prints, then playing with some resists and now I have pulled out the acrylic paints.

ICAD 36 of 61 - mono print on deli paper, washi tape, magazine text

ICAD 37 of 61 - mono print on deli paper, magazine text

A very simple card. The "fifty" is paper glued to the index card. Because the mono print is on deli paper you can see the lines of the index card where there is no acrylic paint. Must play with that some more. 

ICAD 38 - found text, machine stitching

This card and the time to make it were hard fought for. The card was started with the circles early in June. I just wasn't feeling it so my card for that day wound up being something else. The card hung around. I happened to pick it up again not knowing how I would struggle with distractions that kept taking me away for it. I finally got the stitching completed and the found text was just meant to be.

ICAD 39 - crayon resist, scrapped acrylic paint, found text

ICAD 40 - water soluble crayon, scrapped acrylic paint, found text

ICAD 41 - white watercolor crayon, scrapped acrylic paint, found text

ICAD 42 - acrylic paint, paper scraps

Yesterday the bug bit me to do the occasional rearranging of the studio. I'll have more about that soon. I'm sure I will find some forgotten supply that might just make its way into an icad card.